Whittier solar panels could be the solution you need to help add more money to your pocket every month. With as much sun as California gets, there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t take advantage of all the benefits that come from solar panel installation. You might as well start using the sun to generate energy for your home, especially since it is right there and readily available. A rooftop system could be the key to getting money back from the energy company.

Amber and Jon’s Story

Amber and Jon always made sure they had money to make ends meet, but they were looking for something even more than just that. They wanted a way to put even more money in their pocket each month without having to feel like they were working more or giving up things that they loved. A friend told them about how they were getting a check back from the energy company each year. That definitely made them start thinking about having one of these systems installed on their home. It was then that they called our team to get more information about Whittier solar panels.

Our solar installers went out to go over what they would need to start cutting their energy bill each month. We developed a plan of action and outlined how many panels they would need and what they could expect from the whole process. Then, we got them scheduled for solar panel installation. They are now enjoying a low energy bill and are hoping that they too are eligible for a refund from the energy company at the end of the year. Whether they get money back or not, they are thrilled with the savings thus far.

They made money back from having a rooftop system involved. Plus, we even helped them with the rebates and incentives to help them save even further. Our goal is to help people like Amber and Jon save as much money as they can each month, as well as on the total cost of their new Whittier solar panels in general. If you would like to learn more about these systems, contact us today to go through your options.

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