With all of the beautiful sun in California, it makes sense why people start looking for ways to take advantage of it as much as possible. One of the key ways to harness the power of the sun and start saving money is by turning to a new solar system for your home. Solar panels have the ability to generate and store energy for your home, thus helping you to reduce your energy bill significantly. In fact, many people end up saving hundreds of dollars each month. The process is actually quite simple as well.

It starts by having a dedicated solar installer come out to your home and take a look at your property to determine where to place the panels and how many panels are needed to help you maximize the savings. We will take the time to do a thorough assessment of everything around your home. The goal is to figure out where the least amount of shade is to help you store as much energy as possible.

Then, we will come up with a design plan that shows you what we are going to do. After that, you have to determine whether you are ready to proceed with the plan or not. If so, we will schedule a time to come out and get to work installing your new solar system for you. We handle all of the licensing and permits to make sure everything is done according to code and minimize the amount of work that you have to do. You get to sit back and relax as we handle everything else for you.

Once we get all of the panels installed and up and running, you will be able to start saving money on your energy bill that very first month. Savings could be ample enough to eliminate your energy bill entirely. Beyond saving money on your energy bill, we will also walk you through the process involved to make sure you get to take advantage of the rebates on your new system as well. Not only are their local and state rebates available, but you can also get a credit on your tax return. In the event you need to finance your new unit, we can help with that as well. At Elite Solar Pros, we will walk you through the entire process involved to help you get your new system installed and up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of Mid 2016, the installed cost of solar panels ranged from $5-$6 per watt: A 5 kW system would typically cost around $25,000-$35,000. You'll find our pricing extremely competitive in comparison. Also, in certain cases up to 50% of the cost can be subsidized and we provide great financing on top of that. Please contact us now for Free consultation and find out your exact costs.