Simi Valley solar panels could be just what you need to start saving money around your home. Considering that California gets more sun than any of the other states, you want to invest in something that is going to help you cut costs and start saving money. For countless homeowners, the answer lies in contacting a solar panel installation company to come out and give them an idea of what it is that they are going to have to do. By having new panels installed, you can start saving money for retirement or your child’s continuing education. The choice is yours, but the possibilities are endless.

Pamela’s Story

Being a single parent was hard enough, let alone trying to figure out a way to save for her daughter’s college education over the next two years. Even though Pamela did everything she could think of to cut costs, it simply wasn’t enough to give her the extra she needed to really start saving money for later on down the line. After all, having a daughter means using curling irons, blow dryers, straightening irons and music players. Pamela was always having to go around and turn things off as it was. She wanted a simple solution to saving money without stressing herself out.

Our Simi Valley solar panels seemed like they might be the solution she was looking for all along. We went over everything with her and explained what she could expect from her new solar system installation. The solar installers helped her decide which system to go with, and we scheduled her installation appointment for her. After getting everything installed and hooked up, Pamela was able to start relaxing knowing that she was going to begin saving money right away. Instead of trying to pay a $700 energy bill each month, she now only has to worry about paying around $350.

She can now rest assured that she is going to have extra money set aside when her daughter is ready to go to college in the next couple years. We also helped her out with all of the rebates and incentives that were available for her to help her save even more. Pamela is elated about all of the features that came with her new Simi Valley solar panels and hopes to continue enjoying the savings over the next 30 years. If you are interested in learning more, contact our solar installers today.

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