The best Pasadena solar installer knows just how sunny California can be. Our state gets sun most of the year, making it very practical to use it for energy. At Elite Solar Pros, we understand that having the right power supply for your home can save you money every month. With our hard work and dedication, you can get an effective solar panel system for your residential home.

Homes in Pasadena typically use 550 kilowatts of energy each month. Once the right equipment and panels are in place, homeowners are able to save up to six kilowatts per day. That really adds up over the course of a month! In fact, many homeowners in the area save $160 each month on their utility bill. How much you save depends on your usage, but panels can have a huge impact.

Creating the perfect solar energy system for your home is easy when you work with Elite Solar Pros. We do our best to make the process as worry-free as possible. This starts with a home visit from one of our professional Pasadena solar installers. During the initial visit, the technician will check to see how much shade you have in your yard and get a good idea of the property layout. This helps them to select the best areas to place each panel. The goal is to help you maximize your savings.

After we have a better understanding of your needs, we can help you select from a wide range of panels. Then, we take care of the rest of the installation. We work quickly using our streamlined process to ensure a quality job. We are very detail-oriented and make sure to secure all permits and follow local ordinances ahead of time. Working with us can save you from a lot of headaches!

Elite Solar Pro works with both small and large homes alike – no job is too small! Our goal is to make solar energy more accessible to the neighborhood. With our help and dedication, you can get the practical system you need to take advantage of the natural California sunshine.

One of the benefits of working with us is our affordability. We are a flexible company willing to work with any size budget. If you are worried about costs, our Pasadena solar installers can help you find local incentives and rebates to help curb costs. We strive to make you happy!

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