Anyone looking to save money needs to look into Lancaster solar panel installation. With all of the beautiful sunshine California has to offer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do what needs to be done to take advantage of it. With a new solar system, you could find yourself saving more than $150 monthly. The system itself can store up to six kilowatt hours of energy daily, which adds up over the course of a month.

Tina’s Story

Tina was spending upwards of $500 monthly on her energy bill. Because she was gone a lot during the day, she couldn’t understand why her bill was so expensive. Nothing she did seemed to reduce the monthly bill. One of her friends told her about their solar system and how it was helping them to save money each month. She figured it wouldn’t hurt to contact a team of professional solar installers to go through some of the options available to her. We came out and went through everything with her to get an idea of what it was that we were working with and how we needed to proceed.

She had a lot of questions about everything and how much she was going to save monthly. While we couldn’t give her an exact number she was going to save with her Lancaster solar panel installation, we could give her an idea of what she could expect. We went over all of the specifics involved with the installation and how everything was going to work that way there weren’t any surprises coming her way. One of our specialists also discussed the specifics involved with the rebates and incentives available to her to help her save even more money.

After going through everything with Tina, she ended up deciding to let us come in and install the new solar system. We quickly set up an appointment and began the process to helping her go green. Once everything was done, we helped her with the rebates as well. Our main goal was to help her save the maximum amount of money possible. The amount of money she spends on her new solar system pales in comparison to the amount of money she is saving monthly with the energy company. With the Lancaster solar panel installation complete, the savings keep adding up for Tina.

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