When it comes to a quality solar panel installer in El Monte, Elite Solar Pros has you covered. We have a team of dedicated solar installers who understand the ins and outs of a solar system and what it takes to get everything up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. California gets more sun than what any of the other states do, so you want to do everything you can to take advantage of that. Our team takes the time to go through the solar panel installation process with you and make sure you get a new system installed in a timely and efficient manner. Just by installing one of these systems, you could end up saving more than $300 monthly.

The savings don’t take long to start piling in. That very next month after your new system is installed you could start saving money on your bill. The layout and shading around your home will determine the amount of money you are going to save each month. If your home gets a lot of sun, you can expect to save a rather decent amount of money. Our team starts out by coming out to your home and looking at the property to determine where to place the panels and how to go about your new solar panel installation. The main goal is to make sure you are able to take advantages of all the benefits out there for you.

Once the initial design is determined, we will get the installation scheduled for you. Our technicians will spend time walking you through the system and what all needs to be done to complete the process. We even handle all of the permits to ensure compliance with local regulations. Because we are local, we understand the various rules and regulations in place for your area. When you work with someone who is experienced in the installation process, you can guarantee that your system will be taken care of the right way.

The amount of benefits stemming from a new solar system are more than you can imagine. We walk you through the maintenance needed and when to give us a call so you know exactly what you are getting with your new panels. A solar panel installer in El Monte will take their time to make sure you understand everything about your new system and how to take advantage of the rebates out there for you.

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