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Duarte solar panel installation makes sense, especially when you live in an area that gets more sun than anywhere else in the entire country. Because of this, many people have found that the benefits that come from one of these rooftop systems is well worth the effort and time involved in having one installed. In fact, solar panel installation could be the key to helping you save about $200 monthly just from doing nothing more than having a system installed. Homeowners like this one in Duarte are tacking on the savings after letting our solar installers go to work for them.

The homeowner initially contacted us to go over some of the various systems we had available. We ended up scheduling an appointment to head out to their home and go over the various options based on their specific situation and the amount of shading around their home. First, we looked to see how many trees they had around their home and how much of an impact it made on the location of the panels. Then, we were able to develop a sketch based on the location of where we thought the Duarte solar panels should be placed.

Because of the surroundings, we were able to install a few of these panels with no problem. The best part of all is that we were able to get it done within the homeowners’ timeframe and under budget, which was even better. After getting everything installed, we went over everything in terms of how the system works and what they needed to do, if anything. We wanted to make sure there was no confusion before leaving the property.

Our team also went over some of the rebates available to help them save even more. We want to help homeowners everywhere save as much money as possible each month and on the cost of a new system. Give us a call today to discuss some of the various options out there for your home. You won’t realize all of the benefits that come with Duarte solar panels until you have them installed on your home.

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