With a Canoga Park home solar system installation completed, you could begin taking advantage of a bundle of savings. Not only do these systems save you money now, but they are a sound investment for the future if you do decide to sell your home. A solar panel installation could help you save hundreds each month, if not more. They are also extremely reliable, which means that you don’t have to worry about them breaking down on you month after month. Making the switch from traditional energy to that of solar energy could be the best investment you could make.

Henry’s Story

Henry has owned his home for quite a few years now. Over time, things have broken down and required extensive repairs, which isn’t exactly something that you can plan for. He was tired of purchasing one component after another and never getting ahead. It seemed like none of the components delivered on their promise. That’s when he started looking into options to save him money without the fear of the component falling apart in just a month or two. Henry was looking for something with guaranteed performance.

He stumbled upon a story about someone who went through a Canoga Park home solar system installation and decided to give us a call. After speaking with one of our solar installers, he decided this was something he was interested in pursuing. We explained that the panels come with an extensive warranty, meaning he didn’t have to worry about anything for quite some time after his solar system installation. If something were to go wrong, he knew he could turn to us to take care of it for him. Performance was crucial given all of the hassles he had gone through with other companies in the past.

Even after 25 years, your panels will still provide you with an 80% performance ratio, meaning you still enjoy ample savings each month. On average, these rooftop systems last a good 30-40 years, so you are investing for the future with your Canoga Park home solar system. He knew this was definitely a good move for him and proceeded to move forward with the process. Now, Henry is enjoying living life without all of the stress of repairs and an extensive energy bill. If you would like to find out more information, contact our team of professionals today to schedule your initial consultation.

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