Agoura Hills solar installers know that California has plenty of sunshine. Bright, sunny days provide plenty of natural light and energy. At Elite Solar Pros, we help homeowners take advantage of the sun with an assortment of solar energy systems. Each system is designed to help you capture up to six kilowatt hours of energy every day.

The average homeowner in Agoura Hills uses more than 550 kilowatts of energy every month. By saving six kilowatt hours per day, homes can really start to see savings on their bills. Depending on how much energy you use, you may see savings as high as $160 on each monthly bill. In fact, some people were able to receive a credit from their energy provider at the end of the year.

To start saving energy, all you need to do is contact one of our Agoura Hills solar installers. They will come out and assess your property. Our goal is to figure out how much shade you have in your yard and get a good idea of the layout firsthand. This helps us to find the best panels and place them effectively. We work with your home’s current layout to provide you with the highest energy savings.

Once we have figured out the best way to place your new system, we will find the best time to come and install the unit. You won’t have to worry about anything during this process. Our Agoura Hills solar installers handle all of the permits for residents, including ensuring proper building codes and local compliances. Our goal isn’t just to install your unit as quickly as possible; it is to do every job to the best of our ability. We want you to start saving money as soon as possible. That’s why we streamline the installation process as much as possible.

Elite Solar Pros works with homes of all sizes. We have a wide variety of systems that can meet your needs. If you have a set budget for your project, we will work with you. We want to make sure you get the system you need at a price you can afford. As an Agoura Hills solar installer, we believe communication is the easiest way to ensure you get what you want. Our team would be happy to help you find rebates or incentives to make your unit more affordable. We will do what it takes to become your full-service solar energy provider.

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